Good architects may have their heads in the clouds but better have their feet on the ground.

We have built a team based on this vision including strong design skills with an equally strong technical knowledge of how buildings are constructed and how construction is administered. Creating a successful architectural practice is somewhat similar to creating a successful baseball team – there are many bases to cover and specific roles to fill requiring different skill sets. We all take pride in our abilities as designers but there are other roles to be played to bring these creative designs to life – preparing solid construction documents, administering a complex construction process, providing direction and counsel to our clients, etc. We have created such a team at Winslow Architects with employees from South Africa, India, France, Zambia and the USA – all brought together because of their individual talents and their willingness to work together as a team.

John Winslow Principal Winslow Architects Arlington MA

John Winslow has been practicing as an Architect for over 35 years. He established Winslow Architects Inc. in 1983 and has owned and successfully managed the company since that time.

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Phil Reville Winslow Architects Arlington MA

Project Manager

Philip Reville came to Winslow Architects in 2015 as he was beginning his Masters Degree program at the Boston Architectural College.

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Senior Project Architect

Chris came to Winslow Architects in 2017 after working for 10 years at Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) as Project Architect for various healthcare facilities as well as for multifamily housing developments.

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Winslow Architects Arlington Ma Ed

Senior Construction Document Specialist

Ed came to Winslow Architects in 2016 after serving as Project Architect at several other architectural firms in the Greater Boston area.

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Job Captain

Tej Vashee came to Winslow Architects in 2013 after graduating from Auburn University in Alabama with a Masters of Architecture Degree.

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Eva Ciraudo -Arlington-Architect-Winslow

Construction Documents and Administrator

Eva came to Winslow Architects in 2018 after working for 5 years with a high-end residential architectural firm – specializing in preparation of construction documents and detailing along with full construction administration services.

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Edwin Cheng-Arlington-Architect-winslow

Architectural Intern

Edwin has a broad knowledge base of many computer rendering programs and provides Winslow Architects with a significant graphic ability for its marketing and web site materials. Edwin is a very quick learner and provides assistance to Winslow staff on all its projects.  

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Winnie came to Winslow Architects from a broken down dog breeder in Northern Iowa with no real prospects

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