WINSLOW ARCHITECTS collaborates with community development corporations, developers, and not-for-profit development organizations to design aesthetically sophisticated, high-quality housing and community buildings for families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

WINSLOW ARCHITECTS INC. was founded in 1983 by John Winslow to build upon his experience with not-for-profit developers of affordable multifamily housing and his training as an Architect at MIT.

Combining these backgrounds and expertise, Winslow Architects Inc. began building a portfolio focused on the design/construction of single and multifamily housing, working primarily with community sponsors and developers of affordable housing throughout Massachusetts.

Since our founding, we have designed over 1,000 units of multifamily housing and 100 private family homes, and expanded beyond our residential design expertise to include municipal and institutional buildings – ranging from educational centers to municipal and local housing authority developments.

Winslow Architects offices have always been in older houses – first in Harvard Square Cambridge for 25 years and since 2008 in its current offices in Arlington. Having its offices in a house reflects our desire to have a creative casualness at our core – to keep this spirit alive in conjunction with the high level of professionalism that is required to create buildings in an otherwise highly regulated world.

WINSLOW ARCHITECTS INC. has built its practice around the following specialties:


The firm continues to provide full architectural and site planning services for the design of multifamily housing developments throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including:

  • New construction
  • Renovation/modernization
  • Historic preservation

This work has always been at the center of our office and our staff has been selected for its experience and excellence with housing design and construction concerns.


Like most Architects starting out, family or friends take an unknowing risk and give a young architect his/her first commissions. This was the case for John Winslow as he began his own architectural career as Winslow Design Associates in 1983. The single family home – whether new construction or addition/renovation – became a second focus for the firm and we have created homes for more than 100 single family homeowners since then. We continue to design single family homes –as the home is at the heart of the firm.


Prior to his architectural training at MIT, John Winslow worked as a trained development consultant with community based Not-For-Profit sponsors and developers of affordable housing. His heart remained with that community and he brought this passion to the architectural practice at Winslow Architects Inc. The client base for Winslow Architects has always included CDC corporations and other Not-For-Profit organizations attempting to provide decent housing for persons of limited means.


WINSLOW ARCHITECTS INC expanded its work in the 2000s to include work with Local Housing Authorities seeking to modernize the building envelopes of existing public housing – providing for increased energy efficiency and replacing windows, roofing, siding kitchen, bathrooms and interior finishes. Based upon this experience, DHCD selected Winslow Architects in 2014 as one of its “Architectural House Doctors” to provide building envelope modernization services to local municipalities. This work is highly regulated by MGL CH. 149 bidding/construction requirements and this experience has been added to the area of specialization and expertise for our firm.


Winslow Architects Inc. began a new focus on commercial and institutional buildings in recent years, adding staff as required to provide this service – for  building types such as educational centers, churches, retail stores etc.  We are reaching out to local universities and other institutions to provide our expertise in housing and building renovation for work on dormitories, existing classroom and administration buildings.