Winslow Architects WAI Natick Cedar Garden

WINSLOW ARCHITECTS INC. (WAI) has been selected by DHCD and the Natick Housing Authority to renovate 92 units in Cedar Garden Apartments in Natick, MA. This project will be the first phase of a larger and longer-term project – beginning with the complete renovation of all bathroom fixtures and finishes. Planning work has begun on the Cedar Garden Project with the hope of construction start in the late Fall of this year.

Winslow Architects was selected by DHCD as one of its “House Doctor” architectural firms specializing in modernization work on building envelopes, kitchens, bathrooms, building systems and finishes. In this capacity, Winslow Architects has worked with Local Housing Authorities in over 15 municipalities in the past several years on modernization projects similar to the Cedar Gardens project now underway.


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