Two of these statements about Winnie are fact while one is fiction. Which one is fiction?

Top Dog emeritus

“In Memoriam – 2005 – 2018”

Winnie came to Winslow Architects from a broken down dog breeder in Northern Iowa with no real prospects. With an unnecessarily clipped tail and a scrawny frame, Winnie didn’t fit in at first. However, our staff took a liking to Winnie and found that she could be helpful in the many tasks required to run a successful office – like keeping squirrels at bay, finding scraps of food left on desktops, barking at the mailman until he figured out how to bribe Winnie with a dog biscuit, and various other office management tasks. Winnie provides amazing attention to the small details that might have been missed by our CAD operators and brings a spirit of calm and absolute forgiveness to our office.

Winnie passed away peacefully in November 2018, leaving behind a trail of good cheer and many deeply saddened people.  She will be missed.